A beautiful red coral swimsuit with full coverage to your front curves and rear along with thick shoulder straps, it also features a fashionable circular flounce on both sides.
Made from 78% Econyl® regenerated nylon, 22% Elastane and comes with packaging made out of recycled paper.
1 People
Danish lifestyle brand 1 People ‘headquartered in Bali’ strives to create a new meaning of luxury to conscious-minded women. As a sustainable lifestyle brand 1 People was established in 2012 with a business model that challenges conventional business norms and instead, directs the company’s vision to strike a balance between profit, people and the planet. The brand was founded by serial entrepreneur and Chief Executive Officer, Jonathan Tjoa Algreen along with Chief Values Officer, Rea Tjoa Algreen.  With 20 years of experience in building successful businesses globally CEO Jonathan Tjoa Algreen has said:
“These days, people are getting more conscious in what they buy and how the products are made. They will go for eco-friendly products whose raw materials are sourced ethically. They do this to make sure that their lifestyles don’t cause harm to the environment and other people. Among these people, women, particularly the ones whose ages fall between 30-50, are leading the way. They work hard to make their way to the top but at the same time, they still have some space in mind to care about the environment and the surroundings they live in. And thats what 1 People is all about, creating a brand where self-made and conscious-minded women can buy their sustainable lifestyle essentials while giving back to the Earth and the people”.
The authentic style  of 1 People is a combination of human touch and the signature characteristics of the Danish heritage which states minimalism and timeless design. Excellent quality is their standard and they constantly strive to become the best in their niche. At the same time, they always set a price that is fair for consumers and their artisans. Transparency is of primary importance, therefore they equip their products with sufficient information to enable you to make a well informed choices.  On top of that, they build their customer service around convenience and dedication as they want you to have the best online shopping experience.
1 People have created a global education programme “Business for Planet”  which will lead the way in educating and empowering new entrepreneurs of tomorrow and is supported by 40% of profits in the company.
To learn more please visit www.1people.com