Arbour Chair

The Arbour Chair is beautiful contemporary armchair that would look just as good at home as at the office and comes with ergonomic arms steam bent from a single piece of solid oak which would certainly provide a very comfortable sitting experience. The chair frame comes from locally sourced sustainable English oak with a seating area covered in wool sourced from one of the few vertical woollen mills left in Britain. A blend of natural oils are used to give a matt finish.

Giant Butterfly Pendant Light

The Giant Butterfly Pendant Light is a popular design that was inspired by the elegant movement and beauty of butterlies in full flight. A stunning lighting effect is created in surrounding space when the form of the pendant intercepts the light. Hand-made in Cornwall, UK from sustainably sourced wood and given an eco-friendly, non-toxic varnish, the Pumen low energy light bulb with its twisted shape would be the perfect compliment.

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