Po-Zu is an award-winning ethical and sustainable footwear brand for men and women based in London and founded in 2006, the creative inspiration behind the brand is founder Sven Segal. The Ethical Company Organisation ranks Po-Zu as the UK’s number one Ethical Shoe Brand.

As an ethical and ecological shoe brand pioneer, Po-Zu shoes are made using carefully selected natural materials that are safe for all workers throughout their supply chain, kind to the environment and healthy for feet. A donation of 3% from every online sale is made by Po-Zu to one of its four environmental charity partners, which is in line with its sustainable strategy. Small scale production lines are run at the factory in Portugal where there is a strict non-toxic policy, it also operates on 72% renewable energy, and recycles over 95% of industrial waste. The nature of the shoe construction involves stitching all the components together so eliminates the need for harmful glues which results in a more breathable durable shoe that can easily be repaired and recycled.

Po-Zu have recently launched a crowdfunding campaign where people can invest as little as £10 for a variety of reward packages that include Po-Zu shoes and even a trip to the factory in Portugal with founder, Sven Segal to see the shoes being made. The campaign ends on December 24th 2015  and you can click on the website link below to check on the success of the campaign so far:

When asked about the campaign Sven Segal said “We’re excited to be offering this opportunity for people to become shareholders in Po-Zu, and share in and contribute to the success of the business We’ve proven that its possible to make shoes in an ethical, sustainable way. We want to be able to continue to expand, to increase our positive impact as well as the number of people who can enjoy the unique experience of wearing our shores”.


The Peasy Aqua is a classic convertible shoe-slipper that can be worn in two ways; keep the back up and and wear it as a shoe or fold it down and wear as a slipper. Made from chrome-free suede & felt wool your feet will be sure to stay nice and warm, it has a natural latex outsole. The limited edition coco shoebox would make this a beautifully packaged Christmas gift, this biodegradable coconut box was nominated for the UK Green Awards in 2006 and would be ideal for use as a seed tray.

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