Little Maisha Pink and White Polka Dot Birthday Dress

This cute little dress is from the Little Maisha collection made in Kenya by former victims of human trafficking and women working to give their children and education.

Treasure Box Kids

President & CEO Carolyn Bailey is the socially conscious visionary behind the USA based ethical childrenswear brand Treasure Box Kids which manufactures clothing in the USA and also imports quality childrenswear. A new line of clothing is being manufactured in Kenya with the main aim of helping to prevent human trafficking and to rehabilitate former victims of human trafficking. This line will either be made by former victims or by women trying to work to send their children to school. This important project being driven by Carolyn is based around Kenya as this is a source, transit and destination country for human trafficking and Kenyan women have little hope for change without support. A campaign is running right now on Indiegogo for the new Little Maisha clothing collection, see link below:
To learn more about the brand and see more from the current collection, visit:

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