Round Corner Office Desk

The Round Corner Office Desk is a unique piece of furniture made from two pieces of genuine aircraft wing flaps and uses a toughened temper glass top along with hand made metal legs. Available in three different finishes including, shiny mirror polish, matt satin polish or painted in any colour selected. Made to match required dimensions, it can also be customised to have a left or right hand turn.

Volant Office Chair

The Volant Office chair is one of the most popular products in the SkyArt collection and is ideal for home or office use. Its based on an Economy Class Aircraft Passenger Seat, so a true piece of sustainable furniture that has seated many and traveled the world visiting many cities. As aviation seats transport millions of passengers around the world, comfort is paramount, the chrome wheelie base has a 360 degree movement with a spring back tilt action, the high backrest reclines backwards, armrests are retractable, the height is adjustable and it has durability with a high G-Force resistance. Available in a variety of upholstery options including the original Turkish Airlines blue.

SkyArt was founded by entrepreneur Emre Ozkul, the company is known for using genuine aircraft parts to create innovative and sustainable aviation themed accessories and furniture for homes offices, board rooms, bars and restaurants, movie production companies and such like. The aircraft parts used have covered millions of miles over time making each product come with its own history. Products are designed top the highest standards by a team of professional designers who prioritise durability, functionality and authenticity, bringing back to life many aircrafts after they have come out of service and turning old aeroplanes into ‘art’.

Designs by SkyArt have proven to be very popular globally with functional and stylish solutions being used in a variety of settings. For those with a real passion for aviation furniture and wanting to create something even more unique, a whole scrapped aircraft can be provided.

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