Bourgeois Boheme SS16 Owen Vegan Brogues Mocca3

Owen Mocca
This stylish, seasonless dress brogue is a true wardrobe staple and will ensure you look smart dressed up in trousers or in jeans. it comes in exclusive Bourgeois Boheme design featuring their signature lotus flower punch detail.

Handmade in Portugal with PVC free eco vegan leather and a comfy latex insole.

Bourgeois Boheme
Alicia Lai is a long term vegan and the socially conscious founder of Bourgeois Boheme. An ex-Podiatrist, Alicia moved to London to develop her expertise in foot care and bring her vegan values together with luxury animal free footwear. From the beginning she was intent on keeping the brand true to its ethos and to remain independent whilst creating chic, high quality vegan shoes. Today 11 years later Alicia remains true to her founding ethos, has developed a strong celebrity fan base and recently launched the brand in the USA.

Since its inception Bourgeois Boheme set out to redefine “leather-free” footwear and has done just that by making a name for itself as a leading non-leather footwear brand in the mainstream fashion world becoming renowned for its stylish androgynous footwear designs. The shoes are designed and produced in Portugal with local artisans using eco friendly vegan leathers.

Aside from proving that it is possible to stay independent and provide superior quality products with flexibility, our U.S. site launch is a realisation of our long term wish to get closer to our American fans – giving them the luxury European-made vegan shoes they want as quickly and cost-efficiently as they deserve.” Alicia Lai, Founder of Bourgeois Boheme

For more chic vegan shoes visit – https://www.bboheme.com