‘Remember Me’ Green Camouflage Outfit

The silhouettes in this ‘Remember Me’ collection are inspired by the traditional Bosnian clothing with the camouflage fabric representing the civilians in the Bosnian war during the 90’s who became soldiers in order to protect their families, friends and country. Green conveys the scenic route taken from Sarajevo to Srebrenica.


Taslima Khan is the award winning, socially conscious founder and designer of the luxury British Fashion Label TASLIMA K, which focuses on creating awareness on social issues through fashion. A graduate in fashion design and marketing, ahead of launching her own label Taslima worked for several known premium fashion brands in addition to having experience as a stylist and a model.

Based in London she designs, cuts and makes the farmers herself with a vision of growing TASLIMA K into an international Haute Couture label. With her industry experience Taslima recognised there was a gap in the market between fashion and politics and so decided to bring the two together in order to create awareness on social issues and educate though. Taslima focuses on high quality womenswear creating ready to wear collections as well as one-off bespoke pieces.

The recent ‘Remember Me’ collection sees Taslima draw inspiration from the Bosnian war after she was select by Remembering Srebrenica charity to visit Bosnia on an educational visit to learn more about the Genocide.

For more luxury fashion with a conscience visit – www.taslimak.com