Fashion for Freedom
Hope and access to education through contributing towards tuition fees is provided by by Le Dessein for young girls who’s art they feature on their clothes.

Le Dessein

Eric Coly is the socially conscious founder and CEO of Le Dessein, a fashion company with a social mission to contribute to the education and empowerment of young girls in developing countries. Eric’s story is a little different to that of being inspired by a trip to Africa or another part of the developing world as his story was inspired by his mother over 30 years ago in Senegal. His mother was the youngest of 9 children and she herself had been greatly inspired by her mother who was the first midwife in their home city and during a time when working women in society was very rare. Eric’s mother went on to study pharmacy and instilled I her kids from an early age the importance of education.

Eric went on to become a successful private banker and also an investment banker having spent time studying business at UCLA. Although she studied pharmacy Eric’s mother also had a passion for fashion and this is something that Eric was introduced to at and his siblings at an early age. As he grew up and through his banking career Eric was unable to suppress his creativity and interest in fashion. Today, young girls in developing nations are still not being given access to the education they deserve and they have an irrevocable right to be educated.

Le Dessein the was created with the mission to empower girls in developing countries by supporting their access to education. This is done through producing beautiful and stylish clothing reflecting confidence, power and compassion with 25% of all profits being donated to girls school tuition in Liberia, with other countries to follow.

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