Sustainable Pendant and Undyed

Recycled or Fairmined 14Kt gold necklace with untreated, undyed amythest.

East Fourth Street

Sustainable jewelry brand East Fourth Street was founded by designer Susan Crow who has a passion for creating jewelry that is not only beautiful but also sustainable for the discerning, conscientious person who understands and appreciates good design. Susan’s hand made jewelry label offers a new kind of luxury that is chic and precious, as well as sustainably designed and produced. Designs are born in the heartland of the USA where Susan loves to blend heritage and fine design into all collections.

In 2012 Susan became 1 of just 23 U.S. Jewelers to become licensed by ARM, “The Alliance for Responsible Mining” in Columbia to sell jewelry made from Fairmined gold in the U.S. An ongoing goal is to support artisan-mining communities in Latin America, Africa and Asia so that they can acquire Fairmined certification in gold, silver and gemstones. The ideal customer for East Fourth Street is a discerning, conscientious person that understands good design and appreciates trend with the driving force being design and quality.

Melding earth minerals with industrial simplicity is made evident in the clean, modern designs and Susan’s ethos is to follow sustainable design values so that customers know they are purchasing jewelry that honours humanity and earth. The raw materials used are traced from mine to market and made into jewelry in an environmentally conscious studio creating original back-stories for the precious materials that are the backbone of the East Fourth Street Brand.

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