Yellow Cabled Percolighter

A unique pendant light repurposed from a premium quality percolator, providing an alternative use for the beloved coffee making machine. Suspended from a yellow cable, this Percolighter is sure to be a talking point in any stylish home.


Andrew Piggott is the creative entrepreneur and founder of Percolighter, a range of bespoke high quality pendant lights that have been repurposed from Italian stovetop coffeemakers. Amazingly the idea just came to Andrew one evening as he says

“It was towards my the end of my time in the Scottish capital that Percolighter was created. I had completed my Master of Architecture degree and was at a bit of a loose end. Whilst brewing an espresso after dinner one evening a great idea filtered through. Wouldn’t a stovetop percolator make a brilliant pendant light ? It was what you might call ‘my lightbulb moment’. The very next morning, I made my way to the architecture model shop and dissected my beloved Moka Express. The Percolighter was born.”

Soon, Andrew became overwhelmed by the interest shown from friends and colleagues, having a role within a leading architecture firm providing him with experience across architecture and product design Andrew decided to leave and focus on his new venture full time.

Every Percolighter is handmade to order in the United Kingdom, using premium Italian-made percolators.

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