SeeMe Lookbook 16 | Through 2

Double Heart and Medium Heart x Through Necklaces

The Double Heart features a large silver heart and small silver heart with a thin silver Grumetta chain while the Medium Heart is also silver and comes with a thin silver Grumetta chain too. Beautiful jewellery handcrafted by women who were former victims of violence, using ancient Tunisian techniques.


Caterina Occhio is the founder and CEO of SeeMe, a premium ethical jewellery brand that provides women with a safe environment and secure work positions upon leaving women’s shelters in Tunisia. Catherine is a former development aid manager with more than 15 years experience in supporting employment and institutional reform and has worked extensively for the European Commission, various UN agencies and also spent a number of years specialising in the socio-economic integration of women. Catherine has also served as Secretary General of the SEED Foundation and also as EU Policy adviser for social inclusion for a new employment strategy in Tunisia.

All SeeMe hearts are handcrafted by women who have been victims of violence and the brand aims to bridge the the gap between luxury and fair trade. Through training SeeMe women learn the craft of jewellery making following ancient Tunisian techniques allowing them to preserve tradition whilst at the same time providing for their families. In addition to her role as CEO Catherine is also the main jewellery designer and ultimately responsible for the aesthetics of the designs.

SeeMe stives to have a positive influence on the established brands in the fashion world by supporting an ethical approach to their sourcing procedures. In recent times SeeMe has collaborated with high profile fashion brands such as Karl Lagerfeld for whom it created a beautiful capsule collection, as well as Tommy Hilfiger and Missoni on a Spring Summer collection.

In 2014 SeeMe created the #heartmovement which sees high profile fashion influencers become like brand ambassadors for the hear jewellery pieces. The hearts at at the core of all collections and act like links of a love chain to replace the chain of violence. Wear one. Give one. Support one. In 2016 SeeMe has had the privilege of working with the UN and creating a special Orange Heart which was selected as the signatory piece for the 20th anniversary of the UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women. Fifty percent of the proceeds from the sale of the Orange Heart jewellery will benefit projects supported by grants form the UN Trust Fund.

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