Starseeds 00596

Eco-Friendly Vira Cotton Collar and Pants

This stylish organic cotton collar is perfect to pull on before meditation for a nice comforting layer, after practice or just to wear over one of your favourite tops. Soft and versatile the warrior inspired design comes with a hood and back panel with a pleat offering comfort and movement. Perfect for yoga or to just lounge in and looks great when paired with the loose hanging three quarter pants with a triple-elasticated design feature at the waist for a super comfortable low-slung silhouette. The organic cotton-lycra terry fabric give the pants a stylish drape and great for practice or heading out afterwards.

Only fabrics that are kind to the planet and your skin are used, the cotton-Lycra blend is GOTS-certified, which means its as eco-conscious as can be and feels great too.


Natalia Zawada is a conscious creative with a passion for yoga and founded Starseeds as a yogawear and loungewear brand to fill a gap in the market for workout and leisure wear she wished existed but could never find. As well as studying fashion, pattern cutting and graduating from London College of Fashion in Tailoring, Natalia has also worked as a stylist for fashion magazines and musicians. It was while studying at LCF that that and working on sustainable fashion projects that Natalia became inspired to create Starseeds combining her love for yoga with sustainable clothing for yoga practice and more.

As part of the Starseeds mission, their belief is that every conscious choice matters and that going organic does not have to stop at what we put in our bodies. With this in mind the company felt compelled to create the ultimate in feel good fashion, crafted from the most beautiful fabrics available whilst wasting less, recycling more and becoming ethically aware, showing they care. All designs are comfortable and environmentally friendly, made using organic, natural fabrics and produced fairly in Europe. Each piece created starts out as a sketch in their studios ahead of being made up and then tested by yoga practitioners (generally in every pose you can think of) who are pretty skilled at what they do. With Starseeds designs you can be reassured that each piece will be durable, great for working up a sweat in the studio, lounging around the home and mixing with various items from your wardrobe.

Starseeds are well aware that words alone won’t change the world however everything they stand for can be summed up in just four: ‘the lightness of being’. This is their everyday mantra encouraging them to enjoy the moment and feel good, yet at the same time be thinking about the legacy they will leave for the future, growing, learning and finding new ways to lead an even more eco-conscious life. With inspiration taken from a shared love for yoga, great design and well being, Starseeds shows that it possible to look good and be mindful, without compromising ethical standards or style.

Photo: Angela Dennis, yogini: @agisway

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