Shirt Liz, Miniskirt Nancy and Leggings Stacy

This stylish shirt comes with cut out shoulders in a soft bamboo-viscose/cotton blend and pairs well with this cute dual layer jersey miniskirt made of organic cotton with ruffles on the side that can lengthened to a midi skirt. Complete the outfit with these organic cotton leggings featuring side stripes of sheer mesh.
JAYA organics

Sustainable fashion label Jaya was founded by designer and yoga teacher Julia Mehedintu and produces high quality clothing for yoga, fitness and also casual wear. The German based brand is lead by the spirit of the Yoga concept Ahimsa: the non-violent and mindful treatment of ourselves and our surroundings. The clothing is stylish, comfortable and simple with a range of pieces for men and women including leggings, bra tops, pants, skirts, dresses and jumpers.

Production is based in Nepal where men and women work under fair conditions, regular visits are made which ensure an open amiable relationship with production partners. Only GOTS certified cotton is used and the farmers sell at Fairtrade prices to ensure a fair and healthy existence for themselves and their families. In choosing to produce sustainable clothing, Jaya aim to contribute towards improving the health of our environment and of all the people involved in their production cycle.

Jaya believe good working conditions along with being amiable and open with all partners and team members will continue to create new possibilities, encourage development and help maintain a positive and joyful environment uplifting and inspiring others. It is hoped that the good spirit will be felt in all Jaya clothes, and inspire the wearer to feel even more beautiful from both inside and outside.

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