Valerian Clutch

This gorgeous white snake faux print leather clutch would be the perfect accessory for a night out in style, features a classic fold-over design with a sleek contrast panel outer and complementary flowery embroidery.

Handmade by local artisans in Mexico.

Koua Mexico

Erika Alvarez is the London based Founder and Director of Koua Mexico a fashion accessories brand producing beautiful ethical products inspired by Mexican culture. With an International Fashion Marketing masters degree Erika had always dreamed of promoting the culture of her homeland Mexico through fashion around the globe and had a great desire to bring to London the best of Mexico with the aim to be a brand leader in the fashion world, recognised for the strong sense of social responsibilty and cultural identity. The name ‘Koua’ comes from Nahuatl (an ethnic language originally spoken by the aztecs) and means “To buy”.

Koua’s aesthetic focuses on minimal shapes and vivid textiles that can be worn by the women on the go by day or night in the city. Florals, leather and fine jewellery are emblems of the brand. Erika wanted to blend fashion, art, creativity and Mexican heritage with the always vibrant London lifestyle in the brand’s aesthetic with the main purpose of making a close connection between the customer and the Mexican artisans making each product.

Well aware of the challenges facing Mexico’s indigenous communities Koua promotes the talent of all craftspeople by recognising and respecting the enormous amount of time and effort that goes into their work. Quality jobs are generated for locals with fair pay and safe labour conditions. Production methods developed by Koua have a low environmental impact and a high social impact and all products are handmade by Mexican artisans. Through the rich tradition enshrined in each product, Koua are able to share the history, philosophy and culture of Mexico’s indigenous communities. Working to improve the living conditions of artisans Koua help artisans to create their own family businesses and preserve textile techniques that have been passed down from generations.

Koua is guided by honesty, transparency, respect and integrity, so every item produced is the result of a sustainable and transparent production chain.

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