Recycled Fine Silver Leaves – Rita and Rea

Stunning handmade leaves Rita and Rhea made using recycled fine silver, wear individually with a sterling silver snake chain to accessorise your outfit in sustainable style. The beautiful deep texture really catches the light as you move.

Unique pieces handmade in London with 100% recycled fine silver.


Louise Kane is founder and designer at London based sustainable jewellery brand Lumoi Jewellery who provide an eclectic mix of handmade jewellery created from recycled fine silver and other reused/upcycled materials. Lumoi never produce more than 5 pieces of each design, with most of their lines being one of a kind, ensuring you stand out from the crowd with something truly different.

Lumoi have 4 core values:

Positive Change – leading the way in sustainable fashion, inspiring positive change.
Sustainability & Compassion – we’re guided by environmental sustainability with compassion for all life.
Integrity – working with transparency, not compromising the truth.
Unity – uniting with all to maintain the balance on earth.

Louise says: “We are dedicated to reducing waste in the fashion industry, specifically jewellery & accessories. ‘Fast Fashion’ accessories contribute to a high number of broken earrings & snapped bracelets which unfortunately end up in the bin. It’s not that the materials used in these accessories are of inferior quality, they’ve just been poorly constructed. So we launched our jewellery upcycling service to address this problem. Reworking, reusing & reselling perfectly good textiles & accessories not only reduces waste but provides good living. Sustainable Fashion isn’t just another trend…….Being resourceful is our future.”

As part of the Lumoi mission they aim to reignite the worlds love of handmade arts, moving away from the ‘fast’ and ‘disposable’ society we currently live in.

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