Deep Supernal KHIS

The Deep Supernal KHIS is certainly a place where one can relax in a tranquil atmosphere and it comes with a built in seat for extra in comfort.

Handmade in Estonia from wood and available in 3 different finishes, also the bottom of the bathtub is available in wood or stone.


Frants Seer is the highly skilled craftsman behind KHIS bathtub, an Estonian based company producing luxury wooden baths using high quality natural materials. Each bathtub provides a unique experience and is hand crafted using wood made of Nordic ash which is thermally processed, contributing to its elegant appeal whilst also giving the wood extraordinary water-resistance and durability. As with all products designed for indulgence, post processing is a vital part of the process – KHIS bathtubs have eco-friendly post-processing, either by natural linen seed oil or hot waxing.

KHIS bathtubs uses a combination of materials, design and technology to make something simple great. The bathtubs use rubber seals to connect the hand-cut wooden parts made of Nordic ash – the combination that’s made to last, providing durability and aesthetic appeal. With a KHIS bathtub you can indulge in your very own home spa to experience the tranquility and relaxing effect a KHIS bathtub can bring, if the idea is to be at one with nature then the durable unique design would make it ideal for outdoor use.

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