Secret Cork Naomi Handbag

The gorgeous Naomi bag comes with a magnetic closing top, double adjustable handles and middle compartment divider that also has a pocket. Look stylish and sophisticated with this minimalist and cruelty-free bag on your wrist, in your hand or over your shoulder.

Made in Portugal with cork.

Secret Cork

Bruno and Vania Viegas are the founders and socially conscious entrepreneurs behind Secret Cork, a sustainable and cruelty-free collection of luxury handbags. Established in 2015 they set out on a mission to create sleek and versatile pieces for the sophisticated customer that would marry form with function whilst incorporating distinct, purposeful designs and comply with ethical practices.

Designed, created and produced in Portugal to the highest quality, each Secret Cork handbag is unique and offers a woman that glamorous accessory with a sense of fun and practicality. Through their commitment to Slow Fashion, Secret Cork is standing up against exploitation, family separation, slum cities and pollution – often associated with fast fashion. Only ethically run factories are used for production and they are carefully monitored to ensure the best standard is maintained. With the belief that looking good feels good, designs are made with a high aesthetic value that will not only be loved and cherished for a season but for many years.

Genuine cork fabric is used to make all Secret Cork products, as it’s renowned for having excellent qualities, it is sustainable and eco-friendly, soft, durable, water resistant, stain resistant, a natural insulator and flame retardant. The cork used is 100% reusable, 100% recyclable and extracted form cork oaks found in forests of the Mediterranean’s western region, with no harm coming to the natural development of the species or damage to the tree. This extraction process is known to make the trees live longer and enables each tree to become a renewable source of raw material. Each handbag is made incorporating the natural imperfections from the extracted cork helping to make the fabric special as every Secret Cork bag is unique.

Secret Cork are committed to helping create a better, healthier world through their respect for nature and use of sustainably sourced humans materials to make beautiful products as a living blueprint for their values.

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