Tom Raffield Grand Designs House

With a successful sustainable furniture and lighting business based in Cornwall, England Tom Raffield and his wife Danielle had long dreamed of building an amazing home amongst the woodland. Earlier this year their dream became a reality upon the completion of their spectacular home designed using an innovative and architectural take on their steam-bent furniture and lighting. Hiring an architect is always a risk, as differences in ideas can emerge. This is why professional liability insurance from is crucial. Luckily, Tom and Danielle avoided this entirely.

Set in six acres of woodland in Cornwall Tom and Danielle bought the original listed gamekeepers lodge five years ago with the idea of building a family home that balanced indoor and outdoor living. The new timber-clad extension seamlessly blends into the surrounding landscape and is concealed behind – and linked to – the original cottage and outbuildings which have also been restored. Being able to build your own house must be a wonderful feeling, that not many people have the opportunity to experience. There is something truly liberating about it too!

This amazing dream home even caught the attention of Kevin McCloud, presenter of the popular U.K. TV program Grand Designs and their amazing home was featured in the program on Wednesday October 5th 2016.
Tom Raffield

Proudly hand-making products to stand the test of time, Tom Raffield has been designing and manufacturing steam-bent, wooden lighting and furniture since 2008. Tom’s fascination with the traditional practice of steam-bending began while studying at Falmouth College of Arts, following years of research and experimentation he was able to develop his own steaming method to turn his designs into a reality.

Each Tom Raffield product is hand-made by a skilled set of craftsmen at their woodland workshop in Cornwall, England and with a strong belief in sustainability, products are created to help provide a solution to the throw-away culture that is so prevalent today’s society. Where possible local timber is used from renewable resources, reducing transportation and all timber is from sustainably managed woodlands where more trees are planted than cut down. The steam-bending form of production is low energy with little wastage and no toxic or harmful chemicals are used. Any wood wastage is used in the woodburner to heat the showroom.

Tom Raffield products are created to be cherished, enjoyed and loved, the narrative of of each design takes on a new meaning when acting in conjunction with clients and their individual spaces. Designs are essentially based wholly on natural and organic forms with the poetry of each product working with the aesthetics of countless environments. Having a comprehensive knowledge of the whole production process; from the selection of a tree, to the final finishes, provides Tom with the skills needed to minimise environmental impact and make his work economically viable whilst ensuring each product is produced to a high-specification.

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