Conscious Hotels – The Tire Station

This stylish eco designer hotel is named after the building which used to be a Michelin Tire Station. All lighting is low heat and low energy, the roof has solar panels and is also green so supports a diverse range of plant life, to some it may be reminiscent of a mini jungle. Energy is sourced from wind and they also have ATES (Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage) a sustainable energy system. Naturally occurring warmer water found many metres below Amsterdam is used to feed a system that regulates heat and cold which is very efficient.

The hotel comes with a high WiFi speed of up to 450 Mbps and the Wubbo meeting room is suitable for product launches ‘particularly those of a sustainable nature’, off-site meetings and team building exercises. The Wubbo Room is named after a Dutch astronaut ‘Wubbo Ockels’, it comes with high tech equipment and seats up to 60 attendees. Equipment includes a high-tech beamer projector, a big presentation screen and state-of-the art audio equipment along with a 55” LED TV for smaller meetings. For those who are fan of whiteboards there is a large 16mx3m wall that most organisations would find a joy to fill. A moss wall also exists which helps to remind attendees of the slow pace of organisational change and the need to innovate.

The Tire Station can be reached from Amsterdam Central Station in just 25 minutes by tram after which you would have a 3 minute walk and the same route can be cycled in a similar time which would providing a healthy workout. There are also numerous electric taxis available that would take about 18 minutes from the airport as well as various buses.

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