Conscious Hotels

Founded in 2009 by Marco Lemmers and Sam Cohen with the mission of contributing to a greener planet, Conscious Hotels is a stylish, eco-friendly hotel group based in Amsterdam, Holland . Currently, the group consists of 3 eco-design hotels firstly, Conscious Hotel Museum Square, Conscious Hotel Vondelpark and most recently The Tire Station with a fourth hotel scheduled to open at the end of 2017. Running a successful hotel business can be tricky, using a hotel pms makes it a lot easier to run and cab be managed better, and this enables the hotel to be more organised and able to be eco-friendly.

Conscious Hotels like to describe themselves in 10 sentences:

1-Eco-friendly but not Eco-fundamental.
2-We are not a “wrestle you to the ground and force feed you lentils if you use an aerosol spray mousse on your hair” kind of place.
3-We don’t even have a single picture of a mystical dolphin or a sad-looking panda on our walls.
4-But, yes, all our energy comes from renewable sources.
5-Our Apple juice comes from apples without air miles and our beer is locally brewed (we can even show you the brewery if you can still see straight).
6-We do have a Eco roof with a hive for wild bees (that’s wild as in ‘natural’ not ‘angry’)
7-And yes that is a scent of strawberries you can smell and we do have tables made of recycled yogurt pot
8-And those notices around the hotel are funny even if we do say so ourselves
9-And the beds will give you the best night’s sleep of your life.
10-Because we say doing good can be done while looking good too.

The contribution of tourism to green house gas emissions is rising considerably as the number of people travelling continues to grow but fortunately more people are becoming environmentally aware and taking more responsibility for their actions. The team behind conscious hotels strive to be as green as possible and make travel as fun, friendly and hip but without being ‘hippy’! Furniture comes from sustainable sources, food and drink is 100% organic however, there are some green initiatives that often go unnoticed but that falls in with the company culture, always happy to go that extra mile without having to shout about it.

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