Dorset Purbeck Reclaimed Wood Extending Rattan Dining Set

A stylish and contemporary dining set, with over 100 years of history behind the wood, the rattan dining chairs and reclaimed wooden table are practical as well as striking and would be the perfect finish to your ideal home.

Handcrafted in Vietnam from a small independent workshop.

Modish Living

Husband and wife team Hellen and Chris Barlow are the conscious entrepreneurs behind UK based Modish Living, a company that uses reclaimed wood to create beautiful sustainable designs. Hellen comes from an e-commerce background and Chris is from a logistics background, since launching in 2012 their they have grown their business to the stage where they now offer one of the widest ranges of high quality reclaimed wood furniture in the UK. Modish Living work with a small number of craftsmen and designers from workshops in the UK, in addition they work with artisans overseas from mainly family run businesses. They take great pride in the fact that their furniture is traditionally crafted with all reclaimed wood ranges handmade, so every piece is unique and has been made with pride and love.

Modish Living uses wood from a variety of sources and with the focus always being on sustainable sourcing, wood sometimes comes from a previous industrial life, where wood is rescued, dried, sanded and restored to reveal a material of age and character not seen in new wood. There is also some wood that would have served as roof joists for over 100 years in Victorian buildings and is then rescued prior to demolition. The wood used has history and comes with character seen through the nail holes, cracks and burls in the wood that hint at its decades of previous industrial life with a look and feel that is unrivalled.

Using reclaimed timber not only reduces the amount we waste, but also creates less of a demand on cutting down our trees, which are essential to reduce carbon emissions, as well as trees being a vital source of food and protection for communities around the world. As well as being a superb material to work with, Modish Living can take pride in the fact that the material they use to manufacture furniture is completely sustainable and helps to contribute to a reduction in deforestation.

With the growing trend for conscious living more and more people are seeking high quality furniture that is sustainable as well as stylish, in addition to their standard designs Modish Living offer a bespoke service for those who want a unique design that does not necessarily already exist.

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