FTJCo  Lab Grown Sapphire with 18K Gold and Small Recycled Diamonds

An exquisite piece of jewellery, this 18K gold ring with a lab grown sapphire and small recycled diamonds would certainly show the world you have an appreciation for unique beauty.

Designed and crafted in Canada.

Fair Trade Jewellery Co

Robin Gambhir and Ryan Taylor are the socially conscious founders of Fair Trade Jewellery Co (FTJCo), an ethical brand selling luxury jewellery based in Canada. They started back in 2006 with a simple question: Where did the gold we used in our jewellery come from ? This question led Robin and Ryan to a small group of artisanal miners in Colombia from whom they started purchasing gold that had been sustainably mined. Fast forward to 2017 and today FTJCo is one of the most certified jewellery companies in the world with their jewellery sold all over the world.

In addition to being a certified B-Corp joining companies such as Patagonia and Ben & Jerry’s, FTCJCo were the first jeweller in North America to use Fairtrade certified gold and also the first jeweller in North America to use Fairmined certified gold. Therefore all rings made from Fairtrade certified gold are also dual certified for Fairmined. As members of the American Gem Society which is an organisation based upon education and consumer protection with a strict application process, exams need to be taken every year ‘which include gemology and business practices’ in order to maintain membership. FTJCo have also been awarded the right to use the Canada ‘National Mark’ on all jewellery made in Canada which involved going through a government audit.

Key points highlighted by Robin and which FTJCo is particularly proud of include:

-80% of our staff are women
-Our culture is collaborative and all employees are given areas of responsibility and everyone has agency-our culture is more like a tech company than a traditional top-down jewellery company.
-We are the only company in the world offering dual certified gold—certified by both Fairtrade & Fairmined. We pay a double premium to ensure that the workers have the maximum benefit and all of our rings made with this metal carry both hallmarks.
-Ours is a safe space for creatives: all of our goldsmith-designers are encouraged to experiment with designs, materials and processes so that, as an organization, we can grow creatively
-All of our jewellery can be made with different materials so that the piece is a reflection of not only the client’s style but also of their values. So we currently use Canadian diamonds, Lab Grown Diamonds, Recycled Diamonds and Vintage diamonds from the 19th century along with either certified recycled gold or dual certified Fairtrade & Fairmined gold.

Using certified gold that is Fairtrade, Fairmined and recycled with ethical diamonds that are mined, cut and polished in Canada is no doubt part of FTJCo’s DNA. As a jewellery pioneer FTJCo is redefining luxury by improving our world, one love story at a time.

To see more beautiful ethical and Fairtrade jewellery, please visit – www.ftjco.com

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