Globe Hope Hooded Coat

This gorgeous coat will certainly keep you warm and cosy during the colder months with its soft faux fur, made from industrial leftovers. Photographer – Pekka Keranen

Globe Hope

Finnish brand Globe Hope is all about fashion, timeless style and great design, creating unique stylish designs from leftover and environmentally friendly materials. This innovative company was founded by Seija Lukkala in the early 2000’s after being a clothing entrepreneur for a number of years and had become disillusioned with industry practices at the time. Based on what she had witnessed in the fast fashion industry Seija started thinking about how she could contribute towards sustainable fashion through her own skills and go against the trend of over consumption and disposable fashion. The business idea soon developed and it was not long before beautiful unique designs were being created using recycled materials. Over the years Seija has received awards from various organisations for her outstanding work within the field of eco fashion and design including Amnesty International and the Finnish Ministry of Culture.

There are 3 key values that define Globe Hope: aesthetics, ecology and ethics. The company is committed to sustainable development both in design and production providing consumers with ecological fashion alternatives whilst having the opportunity to think about the environment. Clothes, bags and accessories are produced ethically with consideration for the earths resources whilst the design team is driven to produce beautiful and practical products with ecological values without comprising style.

Production is generally done by subcontractors and because of the importance placed on ethical working conditions their premises are visited at regular intervals, to minimise transportation distances and pollution levels, production is centred in Finland and Estonia. In addition to a classic collection there are two seasonal collections which include clothes, bags and accessories for men and women. The design team always tries to use details from the original materials to tell a story and bring out a personality in the products. It is rare for any two products to be alike and often different kinds of materials are combined, such as taking pockets from old coats then attaching them to a bag made from another material.

As well as their own collections Globe Hope also work with various companies, associations and bands to create specific products they have commissioned.

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