M-24 Weekender Duffle

Whether you are heading to Jamaica on vacation or a weekend in Switzerland, this weekender duffle (aka Oil Drum) would be ideal to accompany you on your journey. Even after you have packed it with sufficient clothes you are likely to have room for a few gifts. Comes with two inner pockets and an adjustable shoulder strap.

Made in the UK from truck tarpaulins and car seat belts.

Mat Dusting is entrepreneur behind M-24 which he named using his first initial and his age at the time of setting up the company. M-24 produces a cool range of sustainable bags and accessories using truck tarpaulins and car seat belts. While at university Mat became frustrated with having to buy a new bag every year due to his bags getting torn or just breaking form normal day to day use. This frustrating experience prompted him to design his own bag so he contacted two local sewing experts that could help him make use of old truck tarpaulin. Convinced he was on to a good idea, later in the same year Mat showcased M-24 to the world at the 2012 national ski show in London where he sold out of product.

The bags and accessories created from used truck tarpaulins and car seat belts are very durable and every product is unique in appearance due to the large variety of tarpaulins that are salvaged from around the UK. These tarpaulins often spend up to 10 years strapped to the side of trucks transporting tonnes of cargo across Europe every day. M-24 salvage and upcycle this durable material that has travelled thousands of miles and would otherwise end up in landfill.

Since launch M-24 has made more than 3000 products, upcycled more than 10 tonnes of tarpaulins and 5 miles of seatbelt webbing, the products are not only designed to last a generation, they are also kind to the environment. All manufacturing is done in the UK and the products are sold exclusively through the M-24 website, at pop up stores or at their new flagship store in Brighton, UK.
For more cool sustainable bags, please visit – www.m-24.co.uk