Beyond Skin – Red Ellen Heels

These gorgeous classic court shoes feature an almond toe shape and oversized satin bow on toe. This style may look familiar to some as they were worn by actress Natalie Portman for a Harper’s Bazar US cover shoot.

Handmade in Spain from 100% luxurious Italian printed upper with breathable faux lining and resin sole. PETA approved vegan.

Beyond Skin

Frustrated with the lack of stylish and cruelty-free shoes available back in 2001, Natalie Dean decided to create her own brand of gorgeous vegan shoes that would also be appreciated by like minded consumers, thus Beyond Skin was born. On a mission to create high quality shoes for conscious consumers with an eye for style, Natalie set about sourcing factories in the UK which would enable her to make shoes close to home. In 2003 Natalie realised her vision and began trading with her first collection of beautiful non-leather footwear all made in London.

Shortly after launching her first collection Natalie was fortunate enough to have actress Natalie Portman wear Beyond Skin shoes to the Golden Globes, Oscars and even in one of her movies in 2006. Today Natalie Portman continues to be a great brand ambassador for Beyond Skin, in addition the brand has gone on to receive wide ranging media exposure in the likes of Vogue and Grazia while also becoming the recipient of various awards including Drapers, PETA Vegan Society and more.

In order to meet growing demand manufacturing was eventually moved to Spain where shoes are made with the same high quality consumers have become accustomed to, main operations remain in Brighton, UK where design takes place and orders are sent from. By working closely with Spanish factories Beyond Skin is confident that no one is exploited in the production process and where possible all fabrics and components are sourced close to the factories to reduce their carbon footprint. Innovation plays a key role and each season sees the introduction of new and exciting eco friendly fabrics as they become more readily available making Beyond Skin vegan shoes even more desirable to eco fashionistas.

Passionate about making a difference in the world, Beyond Skin remain true to their philosophy of creating beautiful cruelty-free footwear for discerning, style conscious ladies, showing that fashion and ethics can go hand in hand.

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