Carapace – Algeri Coffee Table

The Algeri is a stylish coffee table that could easily take centre stage in a living room setting. Made from strips of recycled wood and iron, ancient Japanese technique ‘Shou Sugi Ban’ is used to make the wood robust and durable. The wood is put through a charring process after which it is washed and brushed ensuring any excess soot is removed.

Hand-built to order in Italy.


Founded by brothers Alessandro, Fabio and Paolo, Italian based Carapace is a sustainable design brand focused on combining the natural elegance of wood with the simplicity and strength of iron. The wood used is mainly recovered and recycled, in line with the belief of the founders in environmental sustainability and carrying on a family memory from their wood-working father.

Products are built and designed to order in Italy where each piece is numbered and comes with its own certificate of authenticity. The skill of the artisans is quite evident from the quality and finish of the pieces which showcase the unique beauty of the natural wood with simple lines and minimal in design. Sources for the wood include trees that have been naturally cut down in addition to tree trunks recovered from the road which then go on to be processed over a period that can last over a year in order to create highly coveted sustainable designs.

Carapace designed pieces are a unique and elegant addition to any room with many resembling a work of art.

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