H.H.FÉLUNA- Blue Poise Collection

This latest collection from HH Féluna “Blue Poise” was created to continuously adorn Félunista’s in the fine garments they have become accustomed to. Blue and gold are a common theme throughout this new collection and reflect the difference between blue water and “gold walls”, representative of the land and sea, yet still working together in their different worlds to beautiful visual effect. For the style conscious lady that appreciates ethical luxury, these beautiful outfits would not disappoint.


Heather ChiTae is the Creative Director and founder of HH Féluna, an ethical luxury fashion brand based in London. Drawing inspiration from her heritage through her mother’s eye for uniquely pairing African prints with Western fashion, Heather’s roots are firmly woven into the fabric of her designs crafting exclusive collections representing Heritage Royalty for the modern day woman. Striking designs reflect Heather’s vision of a cosmopolitan London style with subtle dashes of contemporary African and ethnic prints, bringing together ancestry and avant-garde, past and present. With many of her handmade designs, Heather seeks to serve her devotees’s heartfelt desires enabling them to express themselves and their individuality.

In her latest collection “Blue Poise”, Heather pays homage to the sleeping pool at Chinhoyi Caves in Zimbabwe, known as one of the countries beauty spots and a national tourist treasure. The harmony of the silent clear blue water in fusion with the big gold walls ween by the blue water are what inspired the gold and blue colours for this collection. The domineering and intense Royal Blue with subtle yet opulent gold is used to capture how the “silent blue pool” is quiet whilst at the same time speaks volumes. “Blue Poise” is for the graceful, elegant lady who is self assured and always in control leaving the colours to speak for her.

HH Féluna sees a world united in hope and the forthcoming HH Féluna Foundation will deliver hope to many who are less fortunate, through the foundation a percentage of revenues will support young offenders as they find their feet, rediscover themselves and reunite with their London communities. Those who are alone feeling there is no hope will soon find a supportive embrace at the HH Féluna Foundation.

Through fashion HH Féluna seeks to make whole where there is separation and show that which is different need not be divided, where worlds unite in hope.

To see more ethical luxury designs, please visit – www.hhfeluna.com