Yi Chul Hee – Winner’s Face

The ‘Happy’ Winners Face positioned at the entrance to the Imperial Palace is an imposing piece of artwork displaying creative repurposing at its finest.

Created from stainless steel and aluminium pipes.

Yi Chul Hee

Yi Chul Hee is a talented artist based in South Korea who creates visually imposing sculptures through repurposing metal pipes. He likes to express minimal and multifarious surface sense with simplicity and distinctive uniqueness by applying formative artistic characteristics, manifested in his artwork. Motivation for pipe artwork came when Yi Chul Hee happened to be in hospital while laying in bed in physical therapy and watching the sharp needle of the syringe.

Through his artwork Yi Chul Hee’s intention is to reflect universal human consciousness which is sometimes suggestive, representing local identity, also to emphasizes moderation embracing structures and shapes conducive to inducing the sense of friendliness. Yi Chul Hee sees artwork as having full meaning when the human body and space coexist, serving as an adequate medium to express socio-cultural identity. He believes expressive characteristics in sculptures can be used as new formative artistic elements in combination with architecture while crossing over to all fields enabling the sharing of special features.

Over the years Yi Chul Hee has received various accolades including ‘The Prime Minister Award’ at the National Art Festival, he has also participated in various solo and group exhibitions around the world including Spain, Japan, USA and the Philippines in addition to his home country of South Korea.

“I am keen to be global in my art creation works. It is my dream that I have had since I started fine art works in 1977.

I want to be a part of the effort to pioneer new horizon with art works and install them in public places to give dream and hope to viewers”

For more amazing sculptures by Yi Chul Hee, please visit www.yichulhee.com