Mighty Good Undies Bare For Good – Laura Wells
(Biologist, Environmentalist, Activist, Model)

As part of the Mighty Good Undies ‘Bare for Good’ campaign during Fashion Revolution Week (April 24th – 30th) Laura was one of the selected celebrities and change makers that participated and was asked several questions including DO YOU HAVE A LOVE STORY WITH YOUR CLOTHES ?

“I have lots of things in my wardrobe! But I think my love story in my wardrobe would be the fact that I have learnt to only buy quality pieces now. When I was younger I used to be a little bit frivolous and purchase whatever I could afford or things I didn’t really need. Now that I’ve got older and wiser I think that I make really quality decisions and really want to understand where my clothes come from and things that I am only going to wear. So for me, its definitely a love story with how much I have learnt and what’s actually in there now.”

To see more from the Mighty Good Undies interview with Laura, please visit www.bareforgood.com

Mighty Good Undies

Hannah Parris and Elena Antoniou are the socially conscious entrepreneurs behind Mighty Good Undies, an Australian based ethical underwear brand that creates cool and comfortable cotton underwear whilst being kind to the environment. Hannah has had experience working with ethical textiles supply chains in India previously through her label ‘Audrey Blue’ and during this time came into contact with organic and Fairtrade produced cotton supplier Chetana Organics and their production partner Rajlakshmi Cotton Mills. Through her producer and supplier Hannah was able to meet with cotton farmers and makers in order to see first hand how fashion can create sustainable livelihoods for workers whilst improving environmental outcomes in the textile supply chain – which happens to be the second most polluting industry on earth. After more than 10 years spent running creative businesses in publishing, PR and fashion design, Elena was certain she wanted to create an ethical brand producing high quality garments and also empowering consumers to make better choices when considering sustainable fashion.

While undertaking extensive research ahead of setting up Mighty Good Undies, Hanna and Elena found out the real impact that cotton has on the planet and people who make our clothes. All Mighty Good Undies are made with 95% organic cotton which is really soft on the skin and 5% elastane which adds great fit and durability, with brushed elastic used on waistbands for extra comfort and style. Eco-friendly and colourfast dyes are used and no dangerous or toxic chemicals are used at any stage in the production process.

Giving back is built into the DNA of Mighty Good Undies and they proudly support the Hope Foundation which provides protection, education, health and economic training opportunities to women and children living in the slums and streets of Kolkata. As well as being one of the poorest cities in India, Kolkata is also the place where Mighty Good Undies make their clothes so they are helping to make a real difference in a country they have grown to love. The global movement that is Fashion Revolution have Fashion Revolution Week which has just started (24th – 30th April) and is based around the question ‘where do our clothes come from?’ To coincide with this Mighty Good Undies have launched the ‘Bare for Good’ campaign where eleven celebrities and change makers have been invited to ‘bare’ themselves for ‘good’ with the aim of helping to promote a shift in the way fashion is viewed.

Mighty Good Undies aim to build a well recognised Australian Fairtrade Cotton brand and have a vision to see ethically produced cotton become an acceptable and accessible product in much the same ways as ‘Fairtrade’ and ‘organic’ food products.

To learn more about this cool ethical underwear brand, please visit www.mightygoodundies.com.au.