Jane Perkins – Orange Marilyn

This striking ‘Orange Marilyn after Warhol’ artwork is a recreation of a piece by Andy Warhol with a unique twist by Jane using entirely found materials including buttons, beads and plastics.

Jane Perkins
A talented artist in found materials, UK based Jane Perkins describes herself as a re-maker since pictures are made without paint but instead using small objects that are placed closely together creating unique and striking images. Growing up Jane enjoyed for being creative, mainly drawing and embroidery after pursuing a career in nursing for many years she deciding to return to her first passion and took a degree in Textiles, gaining a First. Jane’s final year project involved working mainly with found materials, especially beach debris and driftwood, she has said “I enjoy using materials which have a history, and love art with an element of fun and the unexpected”.

Jane’s work essentially focuses on portraits of well known people and also recreations of famous paintings where she gives them a contemporary twist – known as Plastic Classics. It’s always best to view her work on two levels; close up to identify what materials were used and then from a distance to admire the whole image. Materials used vary in colour, shape and size, they include: buttons, plastics, shells, toys, jewellery, beads, cutlery etc. No colour is added and everything is used ‘as found’. Jane loves to use art with an element of surprise or humour with the intention of bringing a smile to peoples faces.

Recycled materials are used because of their properties and also because they express something of Jane as an artist. In saying this however, Jane is still genuinely shocked at the amount of goods we discard in today’s Western Society and enjoys giving discarded material a new lease of life.

Scottish sculptor, David Mach is known to have said “Every artist needs to find the right material through which he can express himself”, these are words Jane firmly believes in.

For more unique artwork by Jane Perkins, please visit – www.bluebowerbird.co.uk

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