Mighty Good Undies Bare For Good – David Wommelsdorf
(Social Entrepreneur, Marketing Guru, Founder of Hero Condoms and Her Tampons)

As part of the Mighty Good Undies ‘Bare for Good’ campaign during Fashion Revolution Week (April 24th – 30th) David was one of the selected celebrities and change makers that participated and was asked several questions including DO YOU HAVE A LOVE STORY WITH YOUR CLOTHES ?

“It would have to be an old gangster three piece suit that my dad got given – he worked in a bank. It was a gift when he approved a loan. I remember him dressing up to go to work in this fat pin stripped suit and he looked the business! He pass that down to my brother, my brother got too chubby for it, so he passed it down to me and it plans on going down to my kids when I have them.”

To see more from the Mighty Good Undies interview with David, please visit www.bareforgood.com and to learn more about this cool ethical underwear brand, please visit www.mightygoodundies.com.au.