Mighty Good Undies Bare For Good – Mel Tually
(Australian Fashion Revolution Coordinator, Fashion Consultant)

As part of the Mighty Good Undies ‘Bare for Good’ campaign during Fashion Revolution Week (April 24th – 30th) Mel was one of the selected celebrities and change makers that participated and was asked several questions including DO YOU HAVE A LOVE STORY WITH YOUR CLOTHES ?

“I have lots of love stories in my wardrobe. A couple of things in particular: A beautiful big trench coat that I found in a really cool vintage store in paris, years and years ago. Goodness knows how old it was when I bought it, but it is now still standing the test of time and is a really classic style. I always think back to that day and having an op-shop frenzy and it was really cheap as well! I also have an awesome belt that I picked up for 5 quid on brick lane in London that gets a comment pretty much every time I wear it and has now been with me for about 20 years. I love it, and I don’t think I will ever part with it.”

To see more from the Mighty Good Undies interview with Mel, please visit www.bareforgood.com and to learn more about this cool ethical underwear brand, please visit www.mightygoodundies.com.au.