Sports Philosophy – Magenta Prism Laser Sports Bra and Magenta Prism Leggings

Whether you are heading to the gym for a session with weights or off to yoga, workout in style with this Magenta Prism print sports bra and leggings set. The bra comes with removable padded cups and a laser-cut back panel. The leggings are high-waisted and come with mesh panels for breathability, tucked away in the waistband is a card and key pocket.

Both made from polyamide, elastane and polyester.

Sports Philosophy

London base Sports Philosophy was launched in mid 2015 by co-founders Stella Heng and Matthias Tietze and is an ethical sportswear label providing top quality performance with an added flair. After a number of years in the corporate world Stella and Matthias decided to change career and launch the world’s first truly ethical sportswear brand. With their innovative range of sportswear, Sports Philosophy are pushing boundaries and encouraging creativity whilst being ethical.

Style, comfort and performance are key components of every piece. Fine Italian fabrics that are breathable, sweat-wicking and UV-protective, feature across every garment. Recycled Polyamide with a light compression fit is also used to assist with blood flow, enhancing performance. The label offers premier activewear for men and women in unique prints with reflective art and performance features, whether you are a sprinter, mixed martial artist or a regular gym goer, Sports Philosophy can become part of your everyday life. Sports Philosophy’s performance based activewear has been designed to enhance your workouts and support you on your health and fitness journey, whether its looking good in the gym or heading for lunch after yoga. Sports Philosophy believes in balance and variety which is why their clothing isn’t just limited to one specific sport.

The team behind Sports Philosophy advocate a new corporate thinking and are committed to fighting child labour and so are more than just another brand. With the known issues surrounding garment factories and child labour, Sports Philosophy have decided to take a stance to help address this major problem and this is done through their charity, the Freedom for Children Foundation which provides support for a range of projects.

Sports Philosophy see see themselves as a platform to promote a long term and sustainable path to supporting social change in in doing so inspire consumers, businesses and entrepreneurs to be more socially responsible.

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