Alan Williams – Bird Sculpture

A unique work of art that would certainly take centre stage in any room, this bird shows the unique talent of the artist who is able to turn scrap metal into beautiful works of art using materials such as old bicycle parts.

Alan Williams

As an artist specialising in metal, Alan Williams uses traditional techniques of blacksmithing which enables him to take art and sustainability to new levels. After graduating from a 3D design course at the turn of the century, Alan trained as a blacksmith for several years and gradually developed his style over time using materials he either found, collected or things that had been donated to him. Alan transforms everyday objects into wild and mythical creatures. Each piece can take from a week up to several months to create and he brings new life and a new use to old materials. As a child, Alan used to turn toys into hybrid creations with a tube of super glue.

Alan creates works of art which are visually rich and capture the life and character of each beast he creates. The detail within his work draws the viewer in ever deeper between the dense layers of upcycled sculpted metal objects that form the final piece. There is always more to see every time one observes his work. Most of the materials Alan uses are sourced from the scrap bins of mechanics, bicycle repair shops and car boot sales. The materials he uses are mostly retired tools, cutlery, bicycle, motorbike and motor parts. With the occasional gem like an old broken type writer. The processes he uses involves forging and shaping each piece and then assembling them by means of welding, he overlaps individual pieces to hide the welds within the work to give a clean seamless construction and finish. To ensure welders don’t sustain serious injury, they often wear protective gear such as steel toe welding boots to prevent damage to the feet.

Following years of building his rich portfolio of work, his unique style and technical ability set him apart from other artists working with scrap materials. He has created several public artwork and architectural instillations, as well as exhibiting in the UK and overseas. Alan works to commission in addition to creating speculative pieces to showcase at shows and exhibitions. He is always open to create pieces to suit peoples budgets and desires.

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