Emeric Chantier – Move

Part of a series of plant based sculptures illustrating the role of humans within nature and the need to preserve the environment around us.

Emeric Chantier

Talented French sculptor/artist Emeric Chantier produces striking works of art that includes a series of plant sculptures which sometimes combine industrial and household materials. A self-taught artist, Emeric began his career in 2006 and over the years has produced highly coveted works of art and participated in numerous exhibitions.

Reflecting on his work, Emeric says “On the one hand, my work is linked to the nature and the relationship that man can have with the latter, a confrontation with our origins, an ecological awareness of the preciousness of our “mother nature” source of all life, a subject that is important to me and should, in my view, be a collective consciousness. On the other hand, it seems important to me not to fall into a moralising discourse, simply to illustrate the entity of the living and confront it at times with the productions of man.These sculptures take the form of anatomical parts of man or his creations that furnish his daily life so that he can identify with them without yet becoming a target. These are simple poetic narratives that must speak for themselves. It is also important to show a work of meticulousness and quality, so that the observer after reading the general form, can approach it and forget it in order to get lost in a universe swarming with life.” E.C,

Through his series of plant based sculptures that depict humans and everyday objects we are familiar with amongst others, Emeric allows us to see how we connect with nature which serves as a reminder of how important the preservation of our environment is amongst the environmental destruction we see occurring around us.

To see more striking artwork and learn more about Emeric Chantier, please visit – www.worksite-paris.com also https://fr-fr.facebook.com/emeric-chantier