Antonio Verde – Wooden Sunglasses

A stylish pair of eye-catching sunglasses made from wood for the Antonio Verde eco-sunglasses collection.

Made under fair working conditions with consideration for people and the environment.

Antonio Verde – Eco-Sunglasses

In 2013 Antonio Verde launched a range of eco-friendly sunglasses with a mission to provide stylish and sustainable alternatives to what was available on the market. This Belgian brand has great consideration for the environment and the importance of social responsibility and aims to supply customers with high quality products, a friendly and efficient service along with building awareness to empower customers to participate in environmentally sustainable solutions and a fair and eco way of thinking.

Sunglasses are created from renewable and reclaimed materials such as old computer parts and also uses handcrafted bamboo for temples. Antonio Verde works with certified factories based in either developed or newly industrialised countries and makes regular factory visits to help improve long term business relationships and also to see how they are run. The factories are medium-sized family-run businesses who comply with fair working practices which include refraining from using child labour and treating all employees with respect.

Antonio Verde create a collection of eco-sunglasses that are stylish, unique and ecologically responsible. For more examples of stylishish custom sunglasses follow this link.

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