Hringa, skart, Iceland, c Nanna Dis 2017

Hringa – Snail Shell Bracelet and Ring

For something a little different this cute Snail Shell bracelet and ring set would be ideal, handmade in Iceland from recycled silver.

Inga R. Bachman is the talented jewellery designer and founder of ethical jewellery brand Hringa, which means making rings in Icelandic. After graduating in jewellery design in Barcelona, Inga returned back home to Iceland where she perfected her trade with a jeweller before going on to launch her own jewellery collection and open a store in 2008. Inspiration for designs come from Inga’s time spent in Barcelona, also from the Icelandic nature and sea.

Hringa jewellery collections are made using recycled precious metals, believing that this is an important step in protecting the environment and only procures fair trade or laboratory grown stones. At Hringa the belief is that recycling metals in the jewellery industry is an important step in helping to protect the environment. In line with her beliefs, Inga thought out the design of the store to be environmentally friendly, all the furniture and jewellery display cases are beautiful second hand Icelandic and Scandinavian pieces.

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