Jason deCaires Taylor – Crossing the Rubicon

Part of Museo Atlantico, Crossing the Rubicon consists of 35 figures walking towards an underwater wall and entrance, a boundary between two realities and a portal to the Atlantic Ocean. The wall, which is part organic, part industrial, stretches 30 metres long and 4 metres high and contains a single rectangular doorway at its centre. The wall emphasises that the notion of ownership and territories are irrelevant to the natural world. In terms of increasing patriotism and protectionism the wall aims to remind us that we cannot segregate our oceans, air, climate or wildlife as we do our land and possessions. The work aims to mark 2017 as a pivotal moment, a line in the sand and reminder that our world’s oceans and climate are changing and we need to take urgent action before its too late.

Jason deCaires Taylor

The internationally acclaimed British eco-sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor creates extraordinary underwater living installations that offer viewers a transitory glimpse of another world where art is uniquely developed from the effects of nature on the efforts of man. Jason is now based in Spain, however he grew up in England where he graduated from the London Institute of Arts with an honours BA in sculpture, he also became a qualified diving instructor and an underwater naturalist. In addition Jason is an award winning underwater photographer who is well known for his dramatic images that uniquely capture the metamorphosing effects of the ocean on his sculptures.

Environmental effects ensure Jason’s sculptures change over time which create a living aspect of his work and impossible to reproduce artificially. His sculptures are essentially a synthesis of art and science, made with carefully researched environmentally friendly materials with selected properties designed to last hundreds of years whilst actively promoting coral growth.

Numerous documentaries and publications have featured Jason’s incredible work over the years including the BBC, CNN, Vogue and New Scientist. Through his pioneering public arts projects many people have become more environmentally aware helping to instigate social change and a greater appreciation for the beauty of the underwater world. In 2016 the Museo Atlantico of Lanzarote opened its doors to the world and in doing so became the first underwater art museum in Europe, as the creator of this tremendous art exhibition Jason has another platform to share with the world his truly astounding work.

“Over the last 20 years our generation has encountered rapid change; technologically, culturally and geographically. I feel this has left us with an underlying sense of loss. My work tries to record some of those moments.”

Jason deCaires Taylor – Eco-Sculptor, Diving Instructor, Underwater Naturalist and Photographer

For more unique artwork by Jason deCaires Taylor visit – www.underwatersculpture.com and www.cactlanzarote.com/en/