The Prodigal Daughter – The Lumumba Dress

Elegant knee length dress Lumumba has an African inspired print and an exposed back with just a few strings going across, perfect for that special day or evening event.

Designed in Australia and made in Africa

The Prodigal Daughter

Australian base lawyer turned fashion design Phoebe Mwanza was born in Zambia and raised in Zimbabwe, through her label The Prodigal Daughter she tells the story of her journey back to her roots after many years of being disconnected from it. The brand name is actually inspired by the biblical parable ‘The Prodigal Son’ which tells the story of returning back to ones roots. Through The Prodigal Daughter, Phoebe seeks to consolidate her two worlds and cultures, marrying Africa’s bold and colourful prints to Australia’s tempered muted landscape.

Each piece is more than an item of clothing and designed as a statement, a way of celebrating the individuality and uniqueness we are all born with. The beautiful silhouettes created by Phoebe liberate the modern independent woman encouraging her to make her own statement in society. This woman is adventurous, free spirited and non-conformist when it comes to style and fashion. Phoebe designs her collections in Australia with manufacturing done in Kenya and Ghana to her high ethical standards, fabrics used are sourced from various parts of Africa. Fabric selections include kente, ankara, kitenge and dashiki which tend to be associated with East and West African cultures.

“To truly evolve we have to learn to love ourselves, all of ourselves – not just the beautiful parts, but the parts that make us cringe. Light cannot exist with some darkness. I discovered that I had always been perfect. I discovered a source of love that is within and that is external…
Ot of that void, a new me was unearthed. I am still a work in progress. But the Prodigal Daughter has begun her journey back home. A journey back to my roots, my culture, my soul and to the source of all. Back to what I already knew as a 3 year old. The Prodigal Daughter is the story of my internal revolution which has brought about my evolution……
So to all the prodigal daughters and sones out there, it’s our time to come back home because we are the ones we have been waiting for.”

Phoebe Mwanza, Designer, The Prodigal Daughter

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