Tesla Electric Cars
Electric vehicles produced by Tesla are becoming increasingly popular for those in pursuit of a more sustainable lifestyle and those with an appreciation of luxury who want an efficient, innovative and stylish mode of transport.


For many sustainable lifestyle lovers and those who appreciate luxury, refinement and innovation Tesla needs no introduction. Officially incorporated as Tesla Motors, Inc. in 2003 as a new company that designs, develops and manufactures electric vehicles, as of April 2017 the company now known as just Tesla has overtaken Ford in market value. Led by billionaire Elon Musk the company has become well known for innovation within the automotive sector and pioneering the development of electric vehicles, energy generation and storage. Currently there 3 vehicles available on the market, the Model S sedan, Model X SUV and recently launched Model 3 sedan which is a smaller version of the Model S. Energy storage products are developed for use in the home, utility sites and various commercial sites including supermarkets and hotels so there are extensive charging sites across Europe and the USA which are increasing all the time. There is a choice of battery options available and with a long range battery more than 300 miles can be covered.

To learn more about these innovative electric vehicles, please visit www.tesla.com