Ungalli Organic Slouch Blue Slouchy Tee

This stylish slouch blue tee comes in a large fit and features a scoop neck line.

Made in Canada with organic cotton and recycled polyester from plastic bottles providing you with an innovative, soft premium fabric.


Sisters and co-founders Hailey and Bree Hollinsworth are the entrepreneurs behind Ungalli, a stylish, eco-friendly clothing company based in Ontario, Canada. Inspired by the beautiful area in which they grew up in, and the lack of awareness about the flaws in the supply chains of the fashion industry, they laughed Ungalli in 2013. Shortly after a successful launch and with generous amounts of support from the Northern Ontario community the sisters drew enough attention to win a Top 30 Under 30 award for Sustainability Leadership in Canada, as well as the Quest Climate Grant from Canadian Geographic Magazine in 2015.

With fashion being the second most polluting industry in the world, Hailey and Bree are passionate about addressing the harmful environmental impact it has and determined to educate others about it. More than just a fashion brand, Ungalli is a movement that challenges the way people think about fashion. All clothing is made from the most sustainable fabrics and by employees who are paid fairly and work in Canadian facilities regulated by the highest safety standards. Ungalli recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new eco-friendly fashion line with recycled and organic joggers with input from customers an the local community.

Founded in Canada and manufactured in Canada, Ungalli has grown to become one of the leading national voices on Sustainable clothing practices and feel clothes should express who you are and what you stand for, but never to the detriment of others, together with valued customers Ungalli is driving the sustainable fashion movement forward. Ungalli brings you superior style, quality and design, made with integrity every step of the way.

To see more stylish sustainable clothing, please visit – www.ungalli.com

To support the Ungalli Kickstarter Jogger initiative running until July 5th, please visit – http://kickstarter.ungalli.com/