Mashpi Lodge Hotel

An unexpected urban retreat for just 47 guests in a beautiful unique location set within a vast biodiverse private forest reserve in Ecuador close to the Andes. The lodge features breathtaking views and on the upper level there is a lovely open-air terrace with a pergola style roof, seats and tables where guests can relax with the sounds of the forest and its inhabitants almost at touching distance.

Mashpi Lodge

An Ecuadorian oasis perched 950 metres above sea level between lower montane rainforest and cloud forests, at the heart of a 1,200 hectare private reserve of which about 70% is primary forest.
Built with the latest techniques for sustainable construction and designed to blend in with its natural environment, Mashpi Lodge is strikingly contemporary, featuring a modernist design that mixes warm earth tones, steel, stone and glass in salient perspectives. Mashpi Lodge and the Reserve project was created by visionary, environmentalist, successful businessman and former Mayor of Quito City and Chairman of the Board of South American tour operator Metropolitan Touring, Roque Sevilla. Reflecting on the impact he wants to have on visitors he says:

“We want to awaken your curiosity and imagination. We want to put you in close contact with this biodiverse world, through the forest trails with their trees, plants, insects, feeling the rushing water of its rivulets and waterfalls as well as the incessant motion of the clouds…….”

Mashpi is located in the northwest corner of the Metropolitan District of Quito, the capital of Ecuador and offers guests an unprecedented opportunity to explore both cloud and rainforest, rich in species and biodiversity from every angle. The Chocó biogeographical region runs north-south from Panama, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. It encompasses the biodiversity hotspot known as the Tumbes- Chocó-Darién and extending along the western foothills of the Andes. It is considered to be of “high interest for the global conservation of biodiversity”. This is also the first forest to be considered a “Model Forest” in Ecuador. The combination of the tropical climate, the equatorial sun, high rainfall and the differences in elevation on the flanks of the Andes combine to create a world of a million ecological niches where species thrive in their particular environment.

Mashpi would not be what it is today without the collaboration of the local community. From the outset, Mashpi sought to work hand-in-hand with those living in the areas surrounding the reserve, implementing an innovative programme in which they, as well as Lodge employees, become shareholders in the enterprise.

Guests can relax in the spa where there are a range of beauty treatments to choose from or visit the viewing platform, expedition room , life center or go trekking amongst other activities. By visiting Mashpi Lodge, you are directly contributing to the conservation and deeper understanding of this unique and precious ecosystem.

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