Bel & Bel Zero-Scooter Convoy

Head out with friends for the evening with your Zero-Scooter and be the height of cool.

Bel & Bel

Founded by brothers Carles and Jesus Bel in Spain in 2005 Bel & Bel is a modern contemporary design company that makes use of waste materials by creating new and unique objects of desire for the home and office. More recently the Zero-Scooter was launched as an alternative way to travel on two wheels emitting zero emissions. We wonder what kind of scooter insurance uk they might need, since the vehicles are so specialised. Both graduates in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona the Carles and Jesus soon realized that they were united by more than just their name.

Projects began by repurposing old objects into functional ones and it was not long before they received international exposure through various exhibitions of Art and Design around the world in addition to exposure in mass media. In 2015 and 10 years after launch Carles and Jesus decided to expand their team to include two good friends Sebastian Perez and Roger Amat.
When working with waste some design lines will remain the same while others will have a greater value than current ones and can be given a new use, a more artistic and durable new life.

The Zero-Scooter is the first self-balancing design scooter design inspired by Corradino D’Ascanio. A vision of aesthetics that has endured over time and can also be designing the future. For electronics and mechanics the world’s leading brand ‘Ninebot’ is used, Zero Scooter is a “conversion kit” which adapts a base Ninebot model (the model integrity and technical features are not modified). This zero emission Electric Vehicle has a charging time of just 3-4 hours and when full gives a range of 25-30km, it comes with a retro design and potential to reach a whole new market that would not normally have considered a Ninebot.

Keeping in mind the principles of the three “R’s” (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) Bel & Bel take this to another level by also using the latest technology and renewable energy.

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