Derek Gores – Tucson Fashion Week

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Derek Gores

American artist Derek Gores is well known for collage portraits created out of recycled fashion, travel and lifestyle magazines, labels, assorted analog materials and more. Derek’s series of artwork showcases contrasting interests in the living beauty of the figure, the angular and abstract design aesthetics of fashion, and a fearless sense of play. A graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, Derek now resides in Florida and has been fortunate enough to have his fine art canvases exhibited by galleries in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Sydney, Cologne, Miami and more. In 2009 Derek was honoured to have is work selected for the Manifest Hope DC exhibit coinciding with the Presidential Inauguration and in 2010 he was named “One of the 40 important artists of the New Contemporary Movement”, while in an exhibition in London.

Derek’s subjects are primarily figures, objects in space, influenced by heroes Gustav Klimt, Franz Kline and Max Ernst amongst others. He also references classic beauty, giving his own touch and made with raw, geometric, un-designed parts. His real subject in the figurative woman is the study of ‘Fierce’. Strength, honesty, vulnerability – admired with utmost respect. Derek loves to create something simple allowing elements to combine in the head, reacting with each history the viewer brings to the table. The hope is that when all goes well, a real experience is created instead of just a picture of an experience.

In addition to his signature artwork Derek has also worked on commissions for individuals including high profile celebrities and for corporations.

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