Kaleidoscope Dreams – Burbo Shirt and Tie

A unique take on the classic shirt and tie, customised and transformed from discarded clothing.

Handmade by Burbo K’ture in Birmingham, UK.

Kaleidoscope Dreams

Husband and wife team Sim and Sukh Takhar founded Kaleidoscope Dreams at the end of 2015 with the idea to provide style conscious customers with statement necklaces and unique sweatshirts sourced from the Far East and America. Running a fashion business came natural to Sim as she grew up around fashion with her grandfather having a shoe factory in London and her parents starting a fashion footwear brand when she was a child. A chance meeting at a London market with a with a lady selling beautiful handmade bags and learning about her passion and ethics provided what you could call a lightbulb moment for lead Sim and Sukh. Shortly after it was decided that Kaleidoscope Dreams would become a platform for designers with strong ethics making and selling products in the UK.

With 20 designers now on the platform, Kaleidoscope Dreams is able to bring a fresh sense of fun and colour to seasoned eccentrics and understated stylista alike. By collaborating with emerging and established British designers, a range of eye-catching, original, high-quality pieces that are all ethically and locally sourced using sustainable materials where possible. One such brand is Burbo K’ture which focuses on Androgyny, Anti Fashion, Independence and Multiculturalism. Founder and designer Paul Burbridge brings his modernist and artisanal approach to his collections using texture, print, form and embellishments. Handmade or ‘Raw Courture’ items are made with primal, unfinished edge. Exposed seams and threads are an ongoing feature throughout and each piece mixes a basic, sometimes ‘crude’ finish with a multi shape silhouette. Customised pieces are restructured, embellished, printed and painted and are transformed from vintage and discarded clothing into wearable art.

To learn more about Kaleidoscope Dreams and see more stylish sustainable designs, please visit – www.kaleidoscopedreams.co.uk