Alchemist – Jacquard Suit

This stylish ‘Golden’ suit is part of the fall 17 collection and perfect for an evening out with heels or could look semi formal during the day with sneakers. Materials used include pes, viscose and cotton.

Made in Europe by members of the Fair Wear Foundation


Dutch fashion label Alchemist focuses on sustainable luxury and produces beautiful clothes that are skilfully tailored and well made from materials of sustainable sources. Founder, Caroline Mewe believes “ Fashion is personal, it lets you reveal who you are. Clothing is, of course something that’s literally very close to you: you wear it against your skin. So you don’t want something that’s badly put together. We don’t believe people exist in isolation; we are connected with our environment. The story goes that alchemists were searching for the formula for making gold. They wanted to transform the mundane into something exquisite. By blending together different substances, they hoped to create the most precious material existence. We pursue that same dream and believe that alchemy can occur when different elements come into contact with one another. We want to inspire, not dictate. Because beautiful clothes feel right.”

At Alchemist, sustainability is not about a passing fad, it’s in their DNA and an indispensable part of who they work. Alchemist is a signatory to the SER’s International Covenant on Sustainable Clothing and Textiles, and a member of Fair Wear Foundation. The International Covenant on Sustainable Fashion and Textiles is a robust covenant containing legally binding agreements between companies, governments, trade unions and other stakeholders. Fair Wear Foundation which Alchemist has been a member of since 2013′, has members that are committed to good working conditions in the garment industry which includes employees being entitled to for a trade union, no discrimination in the workplace and no child labour. With the majority of production taking place in Europe, Alchemist is able to limit transport by freight bundling, using shorter transport routes and avoiding aero transportation therefore keeping CO2 emissions to a minimum.

Each year Alchemist produces two carefully created collections, always making sure the designs can easily be combined with those from previous collections. Their commitment to sustainability extends to the shop itself: garments come in biodegradable packaging, so right through to the end of the supply chain Alchemist are able to minimise their impact on the environment as much as possible and customers are supplied with Organic Cotton carrier bags.

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