Kites and Bites – White Shirt with Satin Bow Tie and Insects Brooches

This stylish ‘Dragon Fly Out In The Sun’ shirt features a black bow tie with insects brooches, a gorgeous top made from viscose and satin, it’s perfect for the fashionista looking to make a bold entrance to an event or who just likes to stand out from the crowd

Kites and Bites

Alexandra Ursan is the conscious entrepreneur and designer behind London based fashion label Kites and Bites. With sustainability at its heart Alexandra designs all her garments in London at her studio where samples are also made. Full productions takes place at factories in Romania which have been visited by Alexandra to ensure fair working practices.

Kites and Bites was created as a sustainable brand that aims to be a real alternative to fast fashion where many items are purchased to be worn for a short period of time and then discarded, the late offers an eclectic destination for statement pieces without the luxury price point and that will stand the test of time. With inspiration taken form London’s multicultural vibe, diversity is kept as the centrepiece, different kinds of textiles sourced from around the world are experimented with along with various prints, embroideries, asymmetries, sequins and tassels. Embracing a truly international vision, Kites and Bites draw creativity from worldwide traditions, celebrations, landmarks and travel adventures. Items can be grouped in tiny capsule collections, where each can stand independently from others. Their clothes are made to intrigue and be the centre of attention in any outfit. They take advantage of eye-catching details and have a crush on colours that express vitality.

A destination for garments that are conversation starters, Kites and Bites values uniqueness and quality. They believe in a woman’s confidence. She is unique, outspoken and always willing to try new things.

“The world is to be explored, rules to be broken, fashion to be played with.”
Alexandra U. – Founder

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