Kleiderei Boutique

Meet Pola and Thekla, the conscious fashionistas behind Kleiderei, a fashion boutique in Cologne boutique offering an alternative to clothes and accessories shopping where you rent instead of buy.


Pola Fendel and Thekla Wilkening are the two friends and socially conscious entrepreneurs behind Kleiderei, a company they founded in 2012 in Hamburg, Germany with a mission to provide a never ending wardrobe for women through borrowing instead of buying. Pola and Thekla have been friends for a while and it is through their shared interest in sustainable fashion and wanting to help make a difference so they decided to open a boutique in Hamburg where clothes would be offered for rent instead of for sale. With the success of their boutique, it was not long before Pola and Thekla decided to take their concept to other locations through various pop ups and their offline success was soon replicated online.

For a monthly fee women are able to rent a curated range of items from the online boutique ‘Die Kleiderei’ for up to four weeks or more through a monthly subscription service and then just return the items at the end of the rental period. Thousands of fashionable pieces are available through collaborating with various young designers to offer fresh new styles many of which are sustainable and ethically produced in addition to offering some vintage finds.

The Kleiderei concept preserves what is already produced, spares resources and offers the most sustainable clothing consumption……….slow and sexy !

To learn more about Kleiderei, please visit – www.kleiderei.com