Myrka Studios – Coat Nils

A cool khaki coloured coat made from beautiful organic material, the attached pockets come with a zipper to give it a modern and sporty look.

Made in Germany from organic cotton, with recycled polyester tape and eco metal for the zippers and recycled polyester used as yarn. (PET plastic bottles)

Myrka Studios

Lydia Hersberger and Lia Bernard are longtime friends and now co-founders of ethical fashion brand Myrka Studios. Besides their friendship Lydia and Lia have a strong connection through their ethical fashion beliefs and share the same ideas on beautiful design. Driven by the passion for minimalistic and timeless clothing and a will to make this world a little better every day, Myrka Studios was founded in Berlin, Germany in 2016. Sustainable, fair and transparent in every aspect – this is the philosophy of Myrka Studios. The brand connects on all aspects of sustainability, from local and fair production to the work of sustainable, innovative and vegan garments along with full transparency of their production chain. Production is kept local in Germany and in close cooperation with tailors, each piece is handmade and you will always know where the garments you are wearing came from and who made them.

Myrka Studios create designs that are modern and timeless, clothes that are minimalistic with special details. The products give both, women and men, a fair and high quality alternative to fast fashion, all products are developed with great care and a love for detail. Great importance is placed on feeling comfortable so patterns are developed for a perfect fit and every piece is produced using the finest, softest materials. With their capsule collection Myrka Studios show you can get alot of wear out of a few carefully selected pieces as oppose to a closet full of characterless fast fashion pieces that you my wear only once. Consuming less but more consciously – this is the philosophy of Myrka Studios designs.

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