Plane Industries – The Cowling Chair

This Aircraft Part: Boeing 737 Engine Intake has been made into a colossal, luxurious chair that spins weightlessly on its highly polished spun aluminium base. The epitome of luxury seating, this chair has epic proportions of a high gloss flawlessly finished shell and dark interior upholstered in the highest quality leather and frames the hand mirror polished cowling opulently. An immense, captivating structure, this unique masterpiece would form the centre piece of any room.

Plane Industries

Founded by brothers Harry and Ben Tucker, Plane Industries create beautiful and unique furniture and accessories using reclaimed aircraft parts. Based in the UK, the brothers initially started their venture in 2012 as Fallen Furniture, with a few tools and some scrap parts from an Aircraft breakers they set about making furniture. Initially there was no real plan just an idea and inspiration to create beautiful interesting pieces of furniture and to see if it was possible to make a living. Fast forward to 2017 and the brothers have have a small team working and because they had developed so many ideas they also changed the company name from Fallen Furniture to Plane Industries. Over the last 5 years they have created unique products for hundreds of clients including large companies such as General Electric and Red Bull.

Using reclaimed, authentic aircraft parts, from both military and civilian aircraft steeped in history, Plane Industries take pride in exploring the most innovative ways to breath new life into these remarkable feats of engineering to design and create pieces of furniture, goods and art. Imagination and old fashioned workmanship are used to make and build audacious, quirky and unique products that are built to last, in the hope that these pieces will be passed down to the generations to come.

Products made by Plane Industries have a history, provenance and a story attached to them that is linked to the heritage and beauty of flight.

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